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The assignments of personnel are at the Chief’s discretion and judgment.) By Editor: Scarborough Council Rules state: 129.0 Not to interrupt.No member speaking shall be interrupted by another, but by a call to order or to correct a mistake.But it probably gets Moulton thinking; bring on those phillies Sometimes it would be nice to live in peace and enjoy the twilight of your life, but not in Scarborough.

In Paris recently two statutory rape cases of 11 year-old girls were lost by the State due to NO coercive use in the sex act.During the quest to verify the authenticity of the document it was said the letterhead did not match what was in use at that time, the wording was not what De Troy would have used, but not once was the signature of De Troy’s disputed. When Doyle first received the letter his son said, “Everyone’s going to say you faked it.” Doyle’s reply was, “Do I have any computer skills to come up with this? If I did have those skills would I have faked this letter before or after I went to jail?” To be clear this letter arrived months after Doyle was released and he believes this was De Troy’s way of bragging about screwing his own client without any consequences for his deceit.The Old Fool starts screaming like a psycho when Chairman Babine was violating Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press while the FTM reporter was questioning whether Town Manager Tommy Hall had fled the City of Rockland job before he was fired over alleged corruption over, perhaps water pipe contracts, from the podium during ‘PUBLIC FORM’. Can we have him arrested for an actual violation of a ‘legal rule’? This reporter has lived in Falmouth almost 38 years and hasn’t needed to call the police a dozen times.Sources report that the Old Fool has been a frequent caller to the SPD and his wife Molly also, to complain about parking in his Higgins Beach neighborhood. (See below) God forbid you and the wife want to look at the ocean for a minute after a big storm and see the big waves roll in.

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(Editor’s Note: In full disclosure FTM has presented a Plaque to Fire Chief Rice for being the hardest working member of Falmouth Town Government, and FTM likes him as well.

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  1. The couple may have shared a kiss at the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks ago, but on Sunday they shared the spotlight, inspiring a screaming throng of teens that clogged downtown Toronto streets all day to elevate their shrieking to a deafening crescendo.